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Spring cleaning 101

Spring cleaning 101

Struggling to get back into the uni routine? Maybe the reason you’re struggling so hard is because you’ve got a serious pile up of mess in your room.

A clean room means a clear mind, so we’ve put together a spring cleaning guide to de-clutter your life and to kick-start your journey to success:

Create a minimalistic space.

Clear all of the books and clutter off your desk, so you have a fresh workspace. Trying to study in a messy space is ineffective and will just stress you out.

So, prioritise time to get your desk looking neat and organised, to make you feel on top of things!

Clean out your fridge.

Yes, dorm room fridges can get a bit nasty sometimes. So, let’s take some time to make sure your fridge is nice and clean, and even re-evaluate some of the food you are filling it with!

Are the foods you are eating giving you the capacity to reach optimal study?

Planning your meals before going to the shops is a good way to ensure you are eating right – giving your body the nutrients it needs, as well as watching how much you spend.

Empty it out.

Empty out your bin, don’t let it get to that overflowing point.

Stay on top it, as well as your washing basket… although it’s a small component, having clean clothes will make you feel like a domestic god and completely in control!

Liven things up.

If you’re lacking motivation, why not add some inspirational decor to your walls?

Write up some positive affirmations to ensure you wake up every day feeling determined to be your best self, and get work done.

Even add some photos of good memories to your wall – it will remind you of the good times when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed.

Plan to clean.

Put twenty minutes per week aside to clean your room, dust and vacuum to make sure you are living in a healthy and fresh environment.

Living in filth is not fun for anyone, and it will definitely hinder your study and concentration.

Your dorm kitchen cupboards… we all know how untidy they can become! Make sure your cupboards are clean, with food sealed in containers to ward off any unwanted pests.

Try not to get the reputation of being that one roomie who doesn’t clean up their dishes either! Be clean and considerate to the people you are living with.

Create more space.

Go through your drawers and cupboards as part of spring cleaning – get rid of items you no longer need or use.

You can even make a bit of money by selling some things!

Not only will spring cleaning make you feel satisfied and calm, but it will clear your mind and help you focus on assignments and study.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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