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First-year CSU students walking back from class in Wagga Wagga

A letter to my first year self

Everyone at high school has an idealistic view of what university is meant to be like. For me, I imagined uni to be like a Hollywood film where people go to college and it’s pretty laidback. Nothing like the stresses of completing your HSC in year...

Spring cleaning 101

Struggling to get back into the uni routine? Maybe the reason you’re struggling so hard is because you’ve got a serious pile up of mess in your room. A clean room means a clear mind, so we’ve put together a spring cleaning guide to de-clutter your...

Level up your study with gamification

Gamifi…what? Gamification is the emerging of elements from gaming, such as earning experience, being rewarded, competition, status and socialisation, to something that may be seen as mundane in comparison, like studying. This can also include...

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