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Spring cleaning 101

Struggling to get back into the uni routine? Maybe the reason you’re struggling so hard is because you’ve got a serious pile up of mess in your room. A clean room means a clear mind, so we’ve put together a spring cleaning guide to de-clutter your...

illustration of cleaning a house

3 things you’re forgetting to clean

Sharehouses. An essential component of any well-rounded uni experience. But as we all know, either from horrifying personal experiences or the abundance of icky depictions in pop culture, they can kind of be a nightmare. And no matter how clean you...

Roommate Etiquette: Part 2

Living with others may seem simple. Heck, you’ve probably been living with your family your whole life. But the transition from living with your relatives who you’ve known forever, to living with people your age who you hardly know can be more...

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