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My uni bucket list

My uni bucket list

A bucket list is a list of things you aspire to do before a period of time. A bucket list can include anything you want to do before that time-frame runs out. From travel to tattoos, books you want to read or weight you want to lose.

Check out my uni bucket list to smash out before I graduate:

Travel, travel and travel

I am a big travel bug. Therefore, the idea of travelling somewhere new each year excites me. I’ve broken this one down to specifics:

  • Go on a road trip once a month.
    Being confined to a rural area can sometimes spark boredom. So, I like to travel to a nearby town once a month. Some of these places include Selwyn, during winter for a snow day trip or even Albury for a shopping trip with friends.
  • Go overseas once a year.
    This goal is a little bit bigger and arguably not achievable. However, there are many deals now and then that I like to keep my eye on for opportunities for travel.
  • CSU Global
    One of my main aspirations is to volunteer overseas. Charles Sturt offers many opportunities for overseas exchange and volunteer work! 

Learn a new language

Being bilingual has always been a small goal of mine. Italian or Greek are probably my top two language and writing choices for learning.

Get my dream job

One common thought during university is the will to get the job that inspired you to pick that particular course in the first place.

I aspire to be a Business Analyst, so getting a job in that field post-graduation or even before, is a high priority for me.

Volunteer more

I also want to volunteer locally. Currently, I am in the process of joining Charles Sturt Rotaract, which is a great foundation for this work.

There are also many other organisations available, such as the Ronald McDonald House and Meals on Wheels.

Successfully finish a project

I consider myself quite a crafty person, so building things and painting things is always a hobby for me. Finishing projects however, not so much.

I currently have a guitar that is half-built which I would like to finish before the end of this year, as well as a baby quilt I need to sew together!

Buy a puppy

This one is a post-graduation goal. Literally, the day I graduate I will be going to buy myself a lilac Border Collie pup!

What would you add to your list?


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