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6 ways to cure Mondayitis

6 ways to cure Mondayitis


Monday – the inevitable day we dread every Sunday, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds in hope of preventing its arrival. Unfortunately, it’ll never go away!

So, implementing small changes into your daily routine is essential for life… and for curing the dreaded Mondayitis.

Urban Dictionary describes Mondayitis as a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that people feel when starting the Monday work week.

These negative emotions grind away at our mood and mindset for the week, making it hard to bounce back, chipping away at our passion and drive.

Perhaps we can’t really “cure” our desire to stay in bed after a short-lived weekend, but these six tips will help you to take control of your Mondayitis, leaving you happier and motivated!

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee

A little Monday morning caffeine high never really hurt anyone. Give yourself that extra boost to help you through the day- and hey, if you don’t like coffee then you’re probably wrong.

2. Rest up

Sleep is essential to making the Monday morning wakeup bearable. Create a sleep routine that works for you, being especially strict on Sunday nights!

A consistent sleep routine heals your mind and wellbeing. Getting a good eight hours in before the week starts will leave you feeling refreshed, motivated and focused.

Plus, make it much easier to get out of bed on a Monday morning with energy and a positive outlook for the rest of the week.

3. Put down the doughnut

With the stresses of uni, work and life, it’s easy to find ourselves waiting in line at McDonalds drive-through more than we would like to admit.

Although junk food feels and tastes comforting, getting into a habit of too must fast food makes you feel sluggish, unmotivated and frumpy. Moderation is key!

Start to incorporate the right vitamins and nutrients into your meals. A healthy diet will improve your mental and physical strength, leaving you with self-satisfaction and accomplishment.

4. “I’ll do it on Monday”

Something we’ve all said. Getting to Friday afternoon and feeling too burnt out to get that last thing finished. This tip might sound terrible in theory, because who wants to spend their Friday afternoon actually finishing all of their work?

But you’ll find getting to Monday morning with less of a work load is rewarding, and you’ll thank Friday-you for not giving up ten minutes earlier!

5. Music for your blues

There’s nothing like jamming out to your favourite tunes in the car or putting your headphones on and disappearing into the music. Music can improve mood, concentration and pretty much everything.

Starting your Monday morning off with some of your favourite songs basically promises you’ll have a much better day ahead of you.

6. Treat yourself!

Who doesn’t like a treat? And who better to treat than yourself? Every Monday we make it through is an achievement in itself, so if you want to eat that extra chocolate bar or drink another glass of wine, do it!

You made it through the hardest day of the week and someone has to reward you for it!

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