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Your guide to getting the most out of Uni

Your guide to getting the most out of Uni

The new Uni year is almost here and it’s going to be a big one! So, no matter where or how you are studying, this six-step guide is guaranteed to help you make the most of it:

#1 Set goals

If you want to be motivated and stay on track, set goals for the new year. By setting goals based around study, work and life, you will know exactly what needs to be done and when. Even the busiest periods will feel manageable and there’s no greater satisfaction than ticking off goals as you complete them!

#2 Stay organised

Combat the stress and overwhelm that Uni can bring by getting yourself organised now. Use planners, calendars, a diary or even just a to-do list to plan out your everyday. This will help you balance study with personal commitments and find space for spontaneous adventures or relaxing afternoons.

#3 Look for opportunities

While studying at CSU, there are many opportunities to gain experience and jump out of your comfort zone! Keep a keen eye out for opportunities to study abroad on exchange or take advantage of internships and work experience programs to kickstart your career.

You could also join on-campus and online clubs that align with your interests, or volunteer for student leadership roles to boost your skills.

#4 Introduce yourself

Having a tight support network is a great way to improve your wellbeing and studies. For online students, Facebook groups such as CSUSocial or Course Mentor pages are an easy and effective way to connect with fellow students, gain help with your course or Uni life and reach out to support other students.

If you are studying on-campus, build connections through Orientation, sporting groups, classes and social events.

#5 Study what interest you

In your degree, you may have to choose elective subjects. If you do, make sure that you pick subjects that interest you, not just anything because you have to tick it off. Make the most of the opportunity choose what you study. Choosing what you like will also help improve your grades!

#6 Save your shortcuts

The easiest way to miss out on opportunities is by forgetting the information that you found online. So, whether it is about your course, work experience, accommodation or other essential information, save the webpages for easy access.

Start by checking out your Orientation Portal, favouriting the CSU Student Portal and Interact2, which links you to everything study and Uni related. Also, save shortcuts for student help services and AskCSU for quick contact when you need support.

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