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Working in the holidays

Working in the holidays

Do you ever notice that when the summer holidays come around and everyone’s travelling or at the beach, you always seem to be working? All too often, I envy my friends’ stunning social media posts from their holidays and wish I could do the same. Unfortunately, I need money and can’t take time off work. Plus, someone has to fill in for everyone else on leave!

So, I asked a few people about the stages that they go through while working during the holiday period. For most, the hardest part is when they just want to curl up in a ball and take a breather, but it’s not an option when work gets busy. While it’s tough to navigate issues, difficult customers and occasionally question your purpose in life, we still do our best to push through.

I work in both retail and hospitality, which may seem like a downer, but it isn’t. There are many perks to sticking to your job over the break, and it’s more than just the money!

Why you shouldn’t give up working:

  1. The benefits. Working means money is coming in, rather than going out. Plus, holiday rates can include double pay, employee benefits, discounts and rewards.
  2. The productivity. With such a long Uni break, time can sometimes feel like it’s frozen. So by working, your time is put to good use and leaves you feeling productive.
  3. The skills. While other team members are away, there is the opportunity to try out new tasks and develop different skills to boost your experience and confidence. These will also look fabulous on your CV!
  4. The achievements. You feel a sense of accomplishment whether it’s getting through another shift, reaching your savings goals or even helping a customer or co-worker. You’ll be happier and motivated to continue working harder.
  5. The perspective. Holiday jobs in your career industry can help you gain perspective on whether this is the career path for you. You’ll be exposed to new opportunities, networking and be able to discern what works for you.

It’s easy to think that spending your Uni break working is a negative thing, but it’s important to remember why we do it in the first place! So, push through this summer and look forward to the holiday you will enjoy later with all the money you have saved now.

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