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How to handle that exam panic!

How to handle that exam panic!

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Got exams this week? Feel panicked when you get in the room? Here’s how to stay calm and get the most out of your study with handy tips from the ALLaN team:


  • Set out a timetable of exam times and dates
  • Add in when you will study
  • Put in all other activities (including reward time) in this timetable
  • Organise your materials and study area

 Remove distractions and add purpose to your study:

  • Get off social media
  • Aim for set goals

Sit practice exams:

  • Make your own
  • Use the textbook questions/past exams
  • Turn subheadings into questions
  • Do weekly tests
  • Set a time limit and mark yourself
  • Practice helps

Incorporate exercise, healthy lifestyle and movement:

  • Include regular sleep and good food
  • Go outside for a walk or hit the gym

Build in breaks and rewards to your study routine: 

  • Treat yourself with hobbies, walks, nice dinners, movies, etc. during and after exams

Have a healthy mind at all times:

  • Try mindfulness meditation, catch up with friends, play with your pets
  • Visualise success
  • Worry less, study more

Good luck with your final exams!

Get study skills advice by attending a workshop or getting one-on-one support with an ALLaN adviser. Or if you need support, talk to a Student Counsellor.

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