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Reset your tempo to slow this spring

Reset your tempo to slow this spring

Spring is a natural time of year to reflect on and re-orientate your habits. These eight nourishing ideas are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine, basically free and will help you slow down and appreciate the new season!

  1. Commit to a walk outside every day. Shoot for the morning first and if something unexpected crops up you still have time to try again later in the day. It’s the best way to start your day fresh and energised!
  2. Eliminate that to-do list. No more feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending list of things to do. Pick one thing from your to-do-list and either deal with it or eliminate it. Pausing your multi-tasking habits will relax your mind and keep you productive.
  3. Clean up your connectivity. Try bursts of digital detox time at regular intervals through-out the day. Shutting off for at least an hour before you go to bed will help you have a more restful sleep.
  4. Open time. Every day, book yourself in some unplanned time away from a screen. This is NOT clean the house time or scroll through Facebook time, it’s healthy, uninterrupted ‘me’ time!
  5. Holiday for a weekend. This season plan a whole weekend off. Book it in early with work and block out your calendar. You will be amazed at how refreshing two days of pure nothing-to-do-ness can be.
  6. Get creative. Rather than racing to woollies to buy an expensive box of breakfast cereal, think laterally. Can you make something else? Making eggs on toast, oats, rice pudding, or three ingredient pancakes (1 cup SR flour, 1 cup milk, 1 egg) will save you money and the hassle of going to the shops.
  7. Tea time is actually a thing. If the spring sun is shining then give yourself permission to take that chai latte outside and just chill in the sun for ten minutes. Your mind and body will appreciate stopping for a moment of stillness.
  8. Simply spring. Pick a spring theme word that encapsulates how you want to be this spring. Do you want to feel ‘calm’, ‘motivated’ or ‘balanced’? Whatever it is, having one word is like a touchstone to help re-centre you back to your intention for the season.
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