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How to revise for exams

How to revise for exams

Don’t quite know what to cover in your revision? Just skim over your subject materials before exams and then can’t remember anything? Here’s how to revise for your exams, take notes and improve your memory:

1. What’s in the exam

Find out what topics, theory and content will be covered in your exam and focus on those. Check your subject outline or ask your lecturer if you’re unsure. There is no point studying for topics that aren’t going to be in the exam and you don’t want to miss a subject either!

2. Plan for success

Create a study plan – set times in your calendar for when you’ll review each topic in the lead up to your exam. For example, review Topic A today between a certain time and Topic B in two days time at a specific time. If you can get into a routine, studying will be a whole lot easier and won’t feel as overwhelming.

3. Note Taking

If you fall into the trap of forgetting everything you read, then these note taking hacks are just for you! Getting into a habit of taking notes while reading and reviewing content will help you retain what you’ve learnt.

4. Rapid Recall

Another handy tip to remember content is to recall. Perfect your memorisation techniques to help you pull things out of your head when you really need it.

5. Don’t Cram

Review all your notes for each exam in the week before – you’ll feel prepared, be able to absorb more information and have time to go over anything you’ve missed.

6. Ask for help

Learn more at memory or exam workshops or get one-on-one support from an ALLaN adviser. Get started today to ace your exams without the stress!

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