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Tips for studying during the mid-sem break

Tips for studying during the mid-sem break

by Loren Howarth

The mid-semester break is the perfect opportunity to play catch-up, get ahead and focus on assessments while there are no Uni classes. But it can be hard to sit down and get started, especially since it is so tempting to sit back and relax. Here are our expert top tips to keep you productive during the break:

1. Balance out study and free time 

While it is important to study during the break, don’t forget to also take some time out to watch a movie, catch up with friends, or bake a cake! If you overload yourself with work, you’ll become tired and won’t feel like studying at all. Have a study schedule to balance it with breaks.

2. Find your best time 

Some people find that they work better in the morning, while others at night. Try to find the time when you study best. This will help you to work most efficiently and you won’t be spending the whole day catching up on lectures!

3. Study a little bit every day 

Rather than dedicating a whole day to study, do a little bit each day. This will lessen the workload and by continually reviewing things, you will better retain information.

4. Try to make study fun

Studying isn’t exactly something which everyone looks forward to, but if you try to make it a bit of fun then you won’t dread it as much. Create a quiz or get someone to test your knowledge. This will help you get the job done without feeling like a bore!

5. Set goals 

Setting goals will help you study better as you will have something to work towards. This will ensure you stay motivated throughout the mid-sem break. Think of what you want to achieve for that day, for the duration of the break and even long-term career goals.

6. Create a study group 

Studying can be a bit lonely sometimes, so why not create a study group with your peers? You can learn off each other and test your knowledge. You don’t have to always meet up in person either – try Skype or FaceTime.

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