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Mini-breaks for the student budget

Mini-breaks for the student budget

by Amy Carlon

As uni students, we are desperately craving those periods of time that we have off to either relax or, in most cases, travel. Here are some budget-friendly options to fulfill your travel desires while on a student budget!

Travel in your town

Who says you need to leave town to have a mini-break? You’d surprised how much of the town you are currently living in that you have not explored. Find yourself a new cafe, go to the local gallery, check out the local walking tracks, have some spontaneous and relaxed ‘you’ time!

Travel to local towns

I know being a student on the Wagga Wagga Campus that there are so many local towns surrounding that have fun and adventurous things to offer. Spend a little time researching and plan a day trip to a surrounding town. For example, Junee has a great chocolate factory or if you are more of an outdoors person, Adelong is a great town to venture to.

Travel with friends

You meet a lot of people through uni who you may have never crossed paths due to the fact they grew up hours away from you! So why not share your mini-break with your friends and travel to each other’s hometowns and host each other. After all you will have a free tour guide who knows the best spots to go!

Travel with CSU

Looking for an overseas uni budget break? We all want to be jet-setters who are traveling the world experiencing new and familiar cultures and unfortunately, this is something that is usually expensive and as a uni student, we don’t have the time for. Luckily enough, CSU offers programs that allow you to travel overseas for a brief period of time experience a new culture and learn. In turn, these trips credit towards your marks. Two birds with one stone – they are more affordable and educational!

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