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Turning procrastination into productivity

Turning procrastination into productivity

We all know the feeling when we’re logged into the computer, with the checklist for the day and realising that for the last half an hour we haven’t actually been studying. No one’s alone here! These 5 tips will turn you into a productivity legend:

  1. Block it out
    Commit times in the day that you will study. Things may come up and you may not feel like it at the time, so the best way to get through the session is to make a commitment to working through the content in blocks of time.
  2. Break wisely
    Take breaks when you need them. If your mind is wandering or your finger scrolling, you might be better-off taking a short breather and come back to studying reset and ready to go.
  3. Multitask
    We all love a bit of screen time, whether it’s some downtime MasterChef or a Netflix binge. Save up some ‘not so complicated’ study tasks that you can achieve while chilling, like ordering a bibliography into alphabetical order or downloading readings for the next day.
  4. Stop the all-nighter
    Avoid the late-night study block. Yes, we all do it but we also know that for most of us this isn’t when we are at our best. Studying past bedtime can leave you sidetracked and looking at kittens on YouTube.
  5. You’ve got a friend in me
    Why not study with friends?! We are more likely to procrastinate when we feel we are not accountable, so studying together could be a good solution for the drifters. Talking through the assessment criteria, sharing notes and brainstorming responses makes learning and retaining content way easier and more fun!
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