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5 things to do now if you have half a year to go!

5 things to do now if you have half a year to go!

For those of us Full-Time students in our final year of study we are at that point where we are about to enter our final session… so close to the finish line! There are a few things to do now that our future selves with thank us for later.

  1. Start the hunt: Keep your eye on employment positions from now, get to know what’s out there and what to expect from a salary in your field. You could even start applying now!
  2. Seek a mentor: Put yourself out there and recognise the need for support. Know someone in your industry who is kicking goals? Get in contact to find out if they can mentor you for the next 12 months.
  3. Consider extending study: If you are like me – feeling like your time here might not be done, consider looking into entering further study in postgraduate studies at CSU.
  4. Plan a holiday away: Come the end of the year you will need a holiday, but don’t leave it until the intensity of the final week to think about it – map it out now!
  5. Rest up and be brave: Lets face it, the final leg is in front of us and it won’t be easy. Use the between session ‘breather’ to recuperate, relax and rest!
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