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Inside the simulated assessment centre + top tips

Inside the simulated assessment centre + top tips

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Have you been asked to come into an assessment centre? First of all, congratulations! Secondly, are you prepared for what you’re going into?

Being invited to an assessment centre can be part of the job application process, usually at the graduate employment level. Employers want to see how you work and deal with scenarios in an environment where you can’t hide from being observed.

It sounds daunting, but they just want to be sure that you are the best person for their team, so think of it as a test you need to pass and a chance to show you’ll fit in.

So, what happens in the centre? You will be assigned tasks to test your soft skills – communication, team work, rapport, problem solving. The assessors will observe these skills as you work. For example, in a group task, they will look for how you talk to other members and use your personal strengths to collaborate and work together.

So, how can you be prepared?

  • Do your research – find out what skills are required in the job you’re after and what the employer is looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask the employer what to expect. And Google the many different tests because the more you know, the more prepared you will be.
  • Avoid common mistakes – we all know it’s simpler to wing tests, but you can stand out of the crowd if you treat the assessment centre like a uni exam and walk in knowing what to expect (this is where research is handy!)
  • Remember to impress – have a confident state of mind and be yourself! It sounds cliché but there’s nothing worse than shining too brightly or hiding away completely. So, find a balance and be comfortable; show them why you’d be great to work with.

CSU’s Career Development Service held a simulated assessment centre earlier in the year for CSU students to experience it before tackling the real deal. Look out for the next workshop and any other workshops that may be on your campus because the Careers team is there to build your employability skills.

You can also make one-on-one appointments with them to help with research and preparation.

Congratulations on making it this far and all the best!

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