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Spring clean your study habits with lessons from the yoga mat

Spring clean your study habits with lessons from the yoga mat

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Yoga class is the perfect way to wind down after a hard week at uni. It stretches both the mind and body; you feel calm, clear, and deliciously de-stressed afterwards. What if you could change the way you think about study by applying those principles that you have soaked up on the yoga mat and completely reorient your approach to uni work?

1. Create a regular practice. Just like your 5.45 Wednesday night yoga class that is part of your weekly routine, your study time should be a natural part of your week. Try to study at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit. One hour each morning before breakfast adds up to a full day of work in a week. Removing the decision of whether to study or watch the next episode of your current Netflix crush makes it that little bit easier to open up your laptop.
2. Study in a clean, uncluttered, and comfortable environment (incense and meditative music optional).
3. Single task. One book. One Word document. One task. Eliminate all distractions.
4. Set an intention before each study session. Have a concise, clear, articulated purpose.
5. Come to each study session with an acceptance of where you are at. If you are tired, pick an easy task to complete, just do something and you will be moving towards your goal.
6. Let go of your attachment expectations. Instead, concentrate on really understanding the material, or clearly conveying your idea, rather than on the outcome. Doing this, you will open up space to enjoy the process of learning and allow yourself to experience flow.
7. Break it down into small chunks. Just like an hour-long yoga class is composed of many individual poses, a 5,000-word assignment can be separated into tasks, sections, and paragraphs, making it much less overwhelming.
8. Treat yourself gently and listen to your body. Are you tired? Do you need some fresh air? Water? Sleep? Do not push yourself beyond what is healthy for you.
9. At the end of the study session, return to your intention. Sit quietly for a few moments really appreciate the fact that you turned up.
10. Yoga class ends with Shivasana or corpse pose. It involves laying down, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to rest deeply – the perfect way to cap off an intense study session.

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