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Super simple self-care strategies

Super simple self-care strategies

CSU student studying in the library.
CSU student studying in the library. Image: CSU Image

As we get our heads around easing ourselves into Session 1, there’s more to preparing than just thinking about which subjects to choose (which can be hard, don’t get us wrong). But by implementing a few self-care strategies now, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in 2017.

Prioritise rest.

We all know we need at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but what are other ways to rest and recharge?

  • Do a five minute guided meditation session to clear your head
  • Lie in the sun and close your eyes for 10 minutes
  • Hit the mat and take a yoga class
  • Take one day off from work and study each week to sleep in, switch off and relax.

Move your body – little and often.

Rather than torturing yourself with one “oh-my-god-I-am-so-exhausted” workout each week, try short bursts of exercise instead:

  • A 20 minute walk every day is great for clearing your mind and giving you a shot of energy from all that fresh air
  • Put on your favourite song and dance like crazy for five minutes
  • Park your car further away than you usually would and walk instead (two, 10 minute walks a day, over six days adds up to two hours of exercise per week!).

Eat (healthy) things you love.

  • Make a list of your favourite foods and make up meals based around those items
  • Try the principle of ‘add one more’: stick with your diet and then add one glass of water and one extra serve of a fruit or vegetable to each meal
  • Get organised with healthy travel snacks for uni days to keep you away from the vending machines (you’ll save money too). Think fruit, nuts, energy balls, and popcorn.

A weekly pleasure.

Try topping up your to-do list with one item that is completely indulgent and just for you. Take a long bath, watch a trashy movie on Netflix, sleep late on a Wednesday morning or have one perfectly cold beer at the end of the week.

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