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DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts
DIY Christmas gifts. Image source: Amy Carlon photography

by Amy Carlon

You’re not alone if you’re wondering where the year has disappeared to. You’re also not alone if you haven’t made a dint in your Christmas shopping list (or even made one).

Money is tight around Christmas, especially for us poor old uni students. Don’t blow all your hard earned casual dollars though, you’ll need them come next session. Here are a few options to save money and instead add a little more love to your Christmas gifts.

Tie dye

Tie dye gifts are an all-time favourite from my childhood. You could make a tote bag, t-shirt, socks or even a bedspread if you really want to have some fun and show off your creative side. All you need is a bunch of elastic bands, material of your choice, and fabric dye.

Knitted gifts

It might be summer but that doesn’t mean a knitted scarf or blanket is out of the question. It’s crucial you know how to knit for this one (duh), so if you don’t know, then google knitting tutorials and you’ll pick it up in no time.


Living in the ‘digital age’ means we sometimes neglect the idea of gifting photo frames or even photo albums. Print off your favourite photos and have fun presenting them in creative ways. Ask your parents where they keep photos from your childhood and create a timeline book, you’ll love looking over the memories.

Chalkboard paint

Use a mug, photo frame, or even bed side table and go wild with chalk board paint. You can pretty much paint anything with chalk board paint, just check with your parents that it’s OK before you begin. You’ll have a cool twist on a classic gift, plus no one else will have the same.


Candles are a go to staple gift for Christmas. To spice them up and show off your creative side, make your own teacup candle. All you need is a teacup and material for the actual candle. Snag yourself a bargain and get a teacup from the second-hand shop. The easiest way to learn how to make a candle is to watch a DIY online video, there’s plenty out there.

Christmas tree ornaments

Another great keepsake gift is a hand-made Christmas tree ornament. Pinterest is flooded with inspiration for this one. This is something your Grandparents would treasure. Making something like this by hand shows you put thought into it and they’ll appreciate it even more. You could hand-sew a star, stocking or candy cane ornaments, the possibilities are endless.


It’s not Christmas without baked treats, so why not gift them to people. It is cherry season and what’s better than fresh cherries and a cinnamon sponge cake on Christmas day? Biscuits are also super easy to make and it’s likely you already have the ingredients in your cupboard. Begin with a simple cookie recipe and add a touch of the festive season with the decorations.

If all else fails then head to spotlight for inspiration, it’s sure to fit your budget.


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