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Summer holiday destinations for the student budget

Summer holiday destinations for the student budget

Beach front image
Beach front image

It’s common knowledge that students love to travel. It’s also common knowledge that students are normally on a tight budget. So, here are my suggestions on where to holiday so you can make the most out of your session one and two savings.


Moreton Island, QLD

Moreton Island features some of Australia’s most picturesque white sandy beaches, and crystal clear lagoons. Not only can you see Humpback whales from the cape from June to November, but the wildlife is abundant, including dugongs (a.k.a. sea cows), and an array of shorebirds.

If you’re a fan of Australian history, you’ll enjoy visiting the remnants of the World War II coastal defence bases, and the historical evidence of previous Indigenous occupation, now thousands of years old! If you feel like a quick and cheap getaway with a few friends, there are reasonably priced four day cruises (end of year celebrations anyone?).

Jervis Bay, NSW

Jervis Bay is about a three-hour road trip south of Sydney, and a beautiful location to take advantage of the Australian summer. Kayaking, diving, golf, wine tours, and nature tours are a few things you can do. There are cheap units available for rent, and even cheaper if you were to get some friends together for a holiday house! If you are in the mood for a semi-technology free holiday, and a fun road trip, Jervis Bay is the destination for your summer break.


Beijing, China

It may not seem like the average university holiday destination, but that’s what makes China so interesting. Flights are extremely cheap too. There is plenty of mesmerising modern architecture and charming ancient locations, including Tiananmen Square and the Imperial Palace.

If the average summer holiday isn’t your style, take advantage of the cheap accommodation and even cheaper flights to Beijing!

Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand’s charming nature and relaxing vibes make it a great destination for summer break. From relaxing day trips, to adrenaline pumping bungee jumping, Christchurch can offer an authentic Kiwi experience. Even though the city unfortunately experienced another earthquake in November, it is still very much open for business and welcomes all tourists. Whatever your age or interests, there is something for everyone in Christchurch. Save your money on cheap flights and spend it on hot air ballooning, jet boating, or even swimming with dolphins. And you’ll be supporting a community that really needs your tourist dollars.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a classic summer holiday for any Australian, but if you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, I would strongly recommend it. It’s tropical weather, and ancient cultural relics provide the perfect mix of interesting and relaxing. The best part? It’s affordable for uni students. Think cheap luxury villas, cheap shopping, cheap activities, and pretty much cheap everything.

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