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What to Wear to Uni

What to Wear to Uni

Fashion. She’s a fickle mistress. Simply covering your sensitive bits and protecting your skin from the weather launches an eternal debate of aesthetics vs comfort. The two sides of this debate are very evident when comparing first years – the bright-eyed bushy-tailed sundress-wearing thong-flopping uni students- and the third years – wearing mostly pyjamas, and if you can’t see them, they’re probably wearing pyjamas underneath.

Now, while both these manifestations of uni students and their clothes have their benefits, surely there is a balance. A solution to this existential fashion crisis. Well I’m here to tell you there is. With only a few key pieces, you can wrap up your human suit in a way that caters to wacky Australian weather and the regional campuses of CSU, while still looking like a functioning adult.


Laptop, textbooks, lunch, stationery, water, wallet, notes, the list continues. When you head out for a day of classes, you pretty much have to pack up your entire life into one bag and lug it around all day. Let’s be honest, a Cotton On tote bag just isn’t going to cut it anymore. And the amount of people I have seen wearing a bag more suited for a night out while carrying half their possessions is astounding. Kudos to their upper body strength, but for the everyday student it’s just not the best option. So suck it up, and get a backpack. Sure, it might remind you of primary school, but every muscle in your body will thank you for it. These days there are loads of colours, patterns, shapes, and materials to chose from, so it’s super easy to look and feel great at the same time.


No matter what gender you identify as, my best recommendation is to wear something that protects your inner thighs. Whether this is skinny jeans, a good pair of tights under your dress, or some well fitting shorts. It’s a universal fact that you will never find a park that is conveniently close to your classroom, and the Australian summer (and autumn and spring) makes for perfect thigh chafing conditions. As nice as it might look to be wearing footy shorts or a denim skirt, it’s gonna sting later. There are about a thousand nice-looking clothing options that also protect your skin from itself. Use them.


Again, the far away car parks are a menace. Also the abundance of gum trees, sticks, and bird poop on and around just about every pathway on campus. Also stairs. Also hills that are not steep enough to complain about or to warrant stairs but just the right slope to make you out of breath by the time you get to your class. In this case, thongs won’t cut it. Ballet flats probably also won’t cut it. Sandals aren’t recommended. Try wearing something comfy, enclosed and fashionable. Yes, they do exist. A personal favourite is Converses, which come in a rainbow of colours. Just get out there, make your look yours, and – for your own sake – make it comfy.

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