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Tips for life on a budget Part 2: Getting around

Tips for life on a budget Part 2: Getting around

Earlier this week we brought you some tips for getting your three meals a day without breaking the bank.

But getting around town, to and from campus, and to all your social activities requires some funds as well.

Travelling while on a student budget might be daunting, but it’s entirely do-able.

Here’s how:

  • always travel on a discount. Discount options for travel are almost endless, whether it be a student discount, a voucher, early booking deals or travel without “advantages” such as included food and drinks, early check-ins, better seats… the list goes on
  • travel with someone. Accommodation prices are almost always cheaper per person when you’re travelling as a pair or group
  • do your research. Check out all the possible travel options and choose the cheapest. These options could include public transport, the train, plane or even cycling.
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