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Keeping your wardrobe stylish on a student budget

Keeping your wardrobe stylish on a student budget


It can be hard enough affording the basics of electricity, rent, travel and food when you’re on a limited student budget, so how do we keep our wardrobe stylish and on-trend without going into debt? Let’s look at some helpful tips to have you wearing what you want, without the price tag.

Shop end-of-season sales

A great way to get new clothes at a fraction of the price is to buy up big when the sales are on. The key to buying sale items is to buy in advance. Don’t expect to get a new winter coat at the end-of-season summer sales, but it might be the perfect opportunity to grab some shorts, a new bikini or a pair of thongs for a massively discounted price. Check out online sale sites, particularly for brands with quality apparel that you know will be a good fit.

If you’re fashion conscious and like to keep up with the current trends, buying sale items in this way is not the way to go for feature pieces, as they will appear dated next season. Stick to purchasing the basics at end-of season sales, and budget for a few standout fashion items each season to give your wardrobe an on-trend boost.

Op shops are your friend

Long gone are the days where op shops carried a stigma. Most modern op shops are very well organised, and stocked with quality items in good condition, for a fraction of the cost. Often times you can pick up clothes that still have the tags on them for a couple of dollars. Look out for op shops in wealthy suburbs for high-end labels, and don’t forget to check out the op shops next time you’re on a holiday!

Some op shops even have sales, where you can buy a bag full of clothing for a set price. Op shops are also great places to pick up homewares, especially good-quality kitchenware. Keep your eye out for heavy-based saucepans, cutlery and crockery.

Swap with your friends

If you have clothes that no longer fit you or don’t suit your current style, why not organise a clothing swap amongst friends? Float the idea with a few friends who’s style and size are similar to yours, and organise a coffee date for a fun way to reinvigorate your wardrobe.

Alternatively, post pictures of the clothes that you want to swap on a Facebook buy, swap, sell page and ask members to post similar pictures of items they’re prepared to swap. You might get some great new pieces, and you could even make a new friend.

Give yourself a uniform

Simplifying your closet not only makes it easy to maintain a standard sense of style. Giving yourself a uniform that suits your figure, style and is timeless will also help you get ready in the morning and save you a fortune on clothing.

Many highly successful individuals, both past and present, have simplified their attire in order to maximise their productivity. President Obama, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and even Albert Einstein saw the benefit in a uniform wardrobe. By thinking outside of the box and using a little bit of frugal ingenuity, you can furnish yourself with a chic wardrobe on a budget in no time.

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