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10 things you MUST do at the start of session

10 things you MUST do at the start of session

Session two is nearly upon us, which means you should be well and truly settled into uni life. Just to make sure, we’ve compiled the following list of handy tips for getting back into the swing of things.

How many can you tick off your list?

1. Buy a referencing guide
ASAP. This little guide will become your shoulder to cry on, your best friend and your worst enemy but you must have one. Referencing is never fun but at least you will do it right if you have a guide!

2. Exercise
New semester, new you! Buy a gym membership, go for a walk, ride a bike, play tennis – do anything active to keep you fit and healthy. It also helps with your mental health!

2. Make a new friend/s.

You will probably have found your new ‘clique’ of friends at uni now, so why not branch out and make some new ones in Session two? Friends usually keep life interesting and fun and means you have someone to sit next to in class. They are a necessity at Uni.

3. Create a budget. 

It’s all fun and games for the first few weeks; buying textbooks, heading out for a few drinks, buying new costumes for Uni nights – until you hit week 3 and you have $3 dollars in your account. Budget, budget, budget!

4. Join a new group.
The social club, the frisbee club, the rugby club – ANYTHING. Just join in. Put yourself out there!

5. Find out what the Census Date means and organise yourself. 
Trust me on this – you really don’t want to mess with the Census date. It could end up costing you hundreds of dollars if you don’t educate yourself NOW!

6. Organise your timetable.
Seems fairly self-explanatory right? WRONG! Your timetable can change in the blink of an eye – keep up to date with your class times and be sure to note down the room numbers of each of your classes.

7. Buy your textbooks. 
Again, seems fairly self-explanatory but if you don’t get in early – they sell out and make life so much harder for you. Just spend the money, buy the book and re-sell it at the end of the semester!

8. Buy a diary/calender/planner
Trust me you need one or all three of these in your life. Assessments, in-class tests, online tests, netball games, footy matches, your Mum’s birthday…No one could ever possibly remember all of that without any of the above. Save yourself the sweat.

9. Organise a study space
It actually pays to see how and where you can study to a high standard – try a few different places, it will pay off for you in the end.

10. Enjoy yourself. 
Don’t sweat the small stuff – Uni is a place to be yourself and enjoy yourself – so have fun!


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