5 ways to stay organised these holidays!

Here are five tips to stay on top of life and uni over the break – just because we are technically on holidays doesn’t mean the responsibilities stop!

1. Get a calendar!! Even if you take your own from uni – just make sure you have one and note all the tasks you have to do throughout the holidays! 

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2. Keep tabs on your emails and Message Centre…don’t just let them pile up – CHECK THEM (especially CSU related ones – they have important info in them)
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3. Use Student Centralstudent.csu.edu and CSU Forums to stay connected with peers and get answers to any questions you may have! There is no such thing as a dumb question!

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4. Start organising next session – don’t be in denial throughout the holidays…the sooner you get organised for the next chapter of your university life, the sooner you will be achieving your goals!

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5. Enjoy your holidays – relax, work, sleep – just enjoy your ‘time out’. Then you will come back fresh and ready for the following semester!

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