5 things that happen when you put on 10kgs at Uni

Uni is a time of eating, drinking and a whole lot of eating. Wait, did I say eating already?

The following is what will definitely may happen when you live on-campus for three years;

1. You try and eat healthy by making a salad for dinner but your dormie is cooking pasta – before you know it you’ve eaten two dinners and a loaf of garlic bread

2. You begin un-tagging your photos from Uni bar – a beer in one hand and pizza stuffed in your mouth and a secondary slice in the other is not your best look

 Your walk home from Uni bar makes you puffed. Like, seriously – puffed!

4. Your late night Maccas run become so consistent the employee’s know your order before you get to the speaker

5. You have consistently paid a gym membership for three years and gone four times but continue to pay because it makes you ‘feel good’

All GIFS sourced from gify.com