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Please, call me ‘Doctor’…. soon

After falling pregnant with her first child, English teacher Hannah Hawker decided to take matters into her own hands when her local hospital lost it's maternity services. She is now currently apart of Charles Sturt's medical program, and we can't...

Online study in Session 3

There are many reasons students study in Session 3 - to fast track their degree, to catch up on subjects, or maybe it's compulsory. However, studying in a session where lots of students are on their break, motivation can be tough. Michelle Curry...

The best is yet to come

Advice to my 18 year old self

By Lauren Picone It was the year 2005, Johnnie was PM, shit was getting real between Ryan and Marissa on the OC, tank tops and denim skirts were in, and MSN messenger and Myspace were considered the height of social media. I had just finished the...

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