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4 summer sweat sessions to get fit

by Jenna Verhoeven Long summer days are when the sun gets up early and stays out late. Cicadas sing out to remind you just how hot it is and humid air clings to you. Love it or hate it, summer is definitely here and it makes us question how we can...

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Elite Athlete #3: Lachlan Hinds

We’ve all heard of tennis, rugby league and AFL because they get plenty of publicity, but what about all the other sports you never hear about. What about cross-country skiing, rugby sevens, cycling and marathon swimming? I bet you didn’t know CSU...

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Exercise for the Unmotivated

We all know that exercise is good for you, and there are loads of great benefits for both your mental and physical health. But we also know how hard it is to drag ourselves out of the cosy warmth of our beds for those pesky 9am lectures, let alone...

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