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Hot Hiking Spots: Sydney Edition

Ever thought about going hiking but have no idea where to start? Anna Somers is here to provide you with the top 3 hiking spots near Sydney. Get those hiking boots on and enjoy the summer break!

Top things to watch over summer

Nothing, absolutely nothing. That’s what beats a good ol’ Netflix binge session. Netflix has all sorts of binge worthy shows and movies. Bingeable TV 1: ‘The Good Place’ Starting off strong with The Good Place. The appeal of this...

My tried and tested easy Christmas drink ideas

This selection of Christmas drinks are easy to make with simple ingredients. It’s a fun and easy way to spread the Christmas cheer!  Glow Waters I found this drink one of the easiest Christmas themed drinks you can make. Choose to add in fruits...

Unique hobbies for the summer: Part 2

The summer holidays are finally upon us. I’m sure you’re celebrating the end of another year, especially after everything that’s happened in 2020. But holidays can also be a time of stress for some because the end of term can come with a loss of...

Unique hobbies for the summer holidays: Part one

As the holidays begin for many of us, you might be fantasising about swimming, beach trips, or Netflix binges at home. But summer is also a great time to try something new and learn a quirky or obscure new skill. There are loads of amazing hobbies...

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