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Unique hobbies for the summer holidays: Part one

Unique hobbies for the summer holidays: Part one

As the holidays begin for many of us, you might be fantasising about swimming, beach trips, or Netflix binges at home.

But summer is also a great time to try something new and learn a quirky or obscure new skill.

There are loads of amazing hobbies that you’ve probably never even thought about. So, here’s a few suggestions that I encourage you to try out (they’re even COVID-safe).


Until a year ago, I thought unicycling was limited to circus clowns. Then I visited my cousins in Canada, tried out their unicycle, and I was hooked.

Not only is it a challenging and fun activity that gets your heart pumping, it also works out your entire body and is excellent for balance and coordination.

You can buy unicycles from bicycle shops or online, and there are plenty of YouTube videos for beginners. It takes determination and a lot of patience, but it is a great goal to have. Fun bonus: people are always really impressed when you tell them you can ride a unicycle.


OK, so skateboarding isn’t exactly “obscure” but it’s so much fun that I had to include it.

Any beginner skateboarder should get a full set of protective gear, including a helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads.

Just a warning for cheapskates like me (haha, get it? Cheap… skate?), don’t try to save money by only investing in a helmet and wrist guards because on my first day back on the board, I smashed my elbow.

Once you’re kitted out, find somewhere clean and flat to start — I used an outdoor basketball court. Clear away any debris because when you’re skating slowly, it acts as a stopper on the wheels and the board can fly out from under you. Then go for your life! Soon enough, you’ll be flying around the skatepark, doing ollies and heel flips like a pro.

Rock collecting

I was an avid rock collector as a child and it’s a hobby that’s slipped under the radar. It’s such an awesome activity to do because it doesn’t take any particular skill or talent, just curiosity and an appreciation for nature.

Rock collecting is also cheap. There’s no need to worry about a venue or transport because you can collect rocks in your own backyard. Just wander around and dig through the soil and see what you can unearth.

You’ll find some incredible specimens in botanic gardens, parks and beaches as well (but be aware of rules about removing natural items from the environment, and check signage and government websites first). Then find a nice box or display cabinet to showcase your amazing specimens. I find rock collecting is a great way to relax, reconnect with nature and just explore the beautiful world that surrounds us.

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