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Being An Army Wife: A Student’s Perspective

Let me just say this, I’m not married to my partner. We’re just boyfriend/girlfriend. But when your partner is in the army they’re married to their job, and with all the patience and time and commitment it takes to be with them...

two sets of feet lying in the grass

Dating in the modern age

As much as anything else, dating is a huge part of the uni experience. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes one night stands, summer flings, or long-term relationships, creating and cultivating romantic interactions with other people at uni...

The LDR saga: Together again

There’s no doubt that two months apart is not breaking any records for the longest long distance relationships, but even so, it was a really difficult period of time. Long enough to miss each other painfully, but too short to really get used to the...

lonely girl and silhouette of man illustration

More long distance love lessons

So far, my boyfriend and I have been apart for three weeks and four days. Not that I’m counting. But when your days are marked by going to sleep in a bed that’s too big for you and pulling clothes out of a wardrobe that’s half empty, it’s kind of...

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