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Take Note: How to take good quality notes

Depending on the person, your notes must either be entertaining and creative or organised and neat. I like to find a middle ground so that I feel like I want to read the notes but they aren’t so chaotic that I get frustrated. Regardless of which...

Taking notes with OneNote on Surface Pro with Surface pen

Time to ditch the paper and go digital

Many of us are now opting for digital note-taking, over paper. So, here are my top tips to make the most of taking notes online and how to do it right! Why we’re going digital? Environmental. Save the reams of paper by taking a little time to...

CSU students chatting in a lecture.

Lecture hacks #01: Note-taking

If you’re studying at CSU, there’s a good chance lectures will become one of your main sources of knowledge to pass your course with flying colours. However, pitching up on time or tuning in online is only half the job –...

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