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World Gratitude Day: Nayma’s Story.

"Before being a student, mother, wife, daughter, carer, activist, I am human being and human beings are limited." Charlie's newest contributor Nayma Bilal, shares an open account on World Gratitude Day. If you're seeking some inspiration today...

How to: Parent + Study

"Kids force you to have balance in a world that has long forgotten the term. Sure there is lost study time, but you gain so much more in that time." Hannah Hawker shares her lived experiences of studying Medicine and parenting, with some pearls of...

Heidi’s journey into Med school at Charles Sturt

It is a very exciting time at Charles Sturt Uni, with a Doctor of Medicine degree launching at our Orange campus this Semester. We spoke to one of our first Medicine students Heidi Annand about her journey into the course and why Charles Sturt was...

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