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How SSAF is helping students at Intensive School

by Steven Seabrook, Intensive School Ambassador Intensive School can be difficult for students to attend, especially if they are travelling a great distance. Online students often leave family and friends for days at a time, while juggling their...

3 reasons to visit the Library during Intensive School

Are you getting ready to visit a CSU campus for Intensive School? Here’s why the Library should be on your ‘must-visit’ list! It’s open when you need it The Library is open on weekends and evenings during Intensive Schools...

Students sitting outside campus accommodation

What is your lecturer doing over summer: Intensive School

While many of us are spending our holidays at the beach, overseas or anywhere but uni, our lecturers are still prepping classes and events for Intensive School. Intensive School is an opportunity for CSU online students to meet their lecturers and...

Students in the CSU library.

Ice-breaker tips for Intensive School

Having attended Intensive School a variety of times now, I’ve learnt a few tricks of the trade. One of the main skills I’ve mastered is interacting with new classmates and making these moments as least awkward as possible. Attending Intensive School...

Students studying together in the library.

My Intensive School experience

Attending Intensive School for the first time can be nerve-racking. I found this out in my second year of a Bachelor of Science at CSU. As an online student, you won’t know the people you’ll be studying with, what your lecturers are like, or the...

Bathurst library

CSU Library is open for Intensive Schools

They may look like construction sites, but the CSU libraries are open for business. The library is welcoming students on campus for Intensive Schools, and although renovations are still being completed, staff are still on hand to help you access...

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