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How SSAF is helping students at Intensive School

How SSAF is helping students at Intensive School

by Steven Seabrook, Intensive School Ambassador

Intensive School can be difficult for students to attend, especially if they are travelling a great distance. Online students often leave family and friends for days at a time, while juggling their work and study commitments.

As a Intensive School Ambassador, I pride myself on being able to identify and approach students who are significantly older than me with a smile and just ask them how they are going. For most, it is not their first Intensive School, so they have a sound understanding of what to expect, when to attend a food outlet and how to navigate the University Campus.

Intensive Schoolers will typically only visit campus during the designated Intensive School Period and over a term a lot of things can change. Most recently the breakfast option on the Wagga Wagga campus changed, as an on campus student I adapted to the change really well, but Intensive School Students arrive with the same expectations as last time, which was a continental breakfast. As a Intensive School Ambassador, it was very easy to see that people were not sure on what to do or where to pay, and I found that just taking the time to introduce myself and let them know what I was there for was really appreciated and helped them settle back into a routine. I like to believe that these interactions helped all the students. I enter my role as an ambassador to make a positive impact on everyone who I assisted that day.

Personally, I see Intensive Schoolers as just another student who needs a hand and I am happy to help, as are the other Intensive School Ambassadors. For online students, if you see someone just hovering around in a red shirt or jumper or sitting under a Intensive School Ambassador flag, these are the people that can help you. My suggestion is to approach them and ask your questions, I guarantee that they will be able to point you in the right direction, and if they can’t they will find someone who can.

The Intensive School Ambassador program is an initiative that is funded by the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF), you know that one you pay for each session! I believe that this is a great program and provides an enormous benefit to the student body. I also encourage everyone to place their own ideas for the Student Initiative Round which is currently open.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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