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Get ready for Intensive School!

Get ready for Intensive School!


Getting ready for Intensive School is easy with these five tips

Intensive School are in-depth blocks created for online students to work through subject content and learn new skills while on campus. Getting ready for Intensive School is easy with these five tips.

1. Get organised

Visit the Intensive School page in your Student Portal to find out when and where your Intensive School subjects are.

2. Book on-campus accommodation

You will be able to apply for accommodation 6 weeks before your Intensive School start date. On campus accommodation options vary from campus to campus and are limited so get in and book as early as you can. Some accommodation options include meals, whilst all provide WIFI and easy access to the library and study rooms – all handy money-saving features.

3. Need help with costs?

You can apply for a Intensive School Equity Grant to help with accommodation costs, or an Emergency Equity Grant if you’re experiencing financial hardship. You might also be eligible to apply for Fares Allowance to help with the cost of travel.

4. Getting to campus

You can get to all Charles Sturt campus cities by car, plane, train and bus. In many cities, you can request a shuttle service to travel between the airport, bus, train station and campus. This means that no matter where you are travelling from, you will easily be able to make your way to your Intensive School destination!

 5. Catch-up with other students at free social events on campus

Join an event to meet other Intensive School students while you’re on campus. You can also join the Charles Sturt Social Facebook group to connect with others online. You might even make some lifelong friends!

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