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Finances for first years

First years listen up! This epic blog has everything you need to know about money for your new university life. It may be challenging to stick to your budget but we promise that following these tips will help you shop savvy and save!

Travelling abroad on a student budget

Written by Greta Porter Everyone tells you to travel while you’re young, especially in your 20’s! But as a university student this can sometimes feel impossible with the expenses and commitments that come with studying. I myself have started booking...

Cheap and easy meals for students

Written by Grace Carpenter Finding cheap meals to make isn’t easy as a university student! For those like me, who didn’t cook much before they moved out of home, it’s especially difficult to find something easy to make without...

6 steps to sustainable style

Having an awesome wardrobe doesn’t require having lots of money to spend. The ever-growing sustainable fashion movement doesn’t have to be hard to achieve, you just need to be mindful of your consumption of clothes. To make sure...

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