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Friends cooking

Quick, simple and delicious vegan meals

by Loren Howarth Believe it or not, a vegan diet consists of more than just salad and vegetables. These tasty vegan meals are easy to create, not to mention absolutely divine. You don’t have to be vegan to eat these either, anyone can give...

Fruit Smoothie bowl from Social Grounds cafe

Best places to eat in Port Macquarie

The Port Macquarie Campus is surrounded by small businesses and hidden food-gems. From fancy seafood restaurants, to tasty burger shops, Port Macquarie has it all. Keep reading and take note of some of the best places to eat and experience in Port...

What’s up with gluten?

by Jenna Verhoeven So you have just moved into a new share house. Gone are the days where you could stealthily ‘borrow’ a piece or two of your housemate’s toast until your next adventure to the local ALDI. You just can’t do it. Not out of a new...

Students studying

A recipe for brain and muscle power

by Jenna Verhoeven Sometimes being a student means falling into a bit of a cliché; long study sessions, fueled by lots of sweet treats, coupled with limited budget and time for eating healthy. I think it is high time we break the mould! In an...

apple and mandarine in front of food book

What foods can you eat to improve your memory?

Unless you’ve got a photographic memory, it’s pretty normal to forget things after hours of study. Perhaps it’s a concept you can’t quite wrap your head around, or maybe you need to create mnemonic devices to help you...

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