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Nikita Kumar

Hi! I’m Nikita and I’m in my third and final year of Communications - Journalism at CSU. I'm the Editor of Charlie and look forward to sharing my love for writing and showcasing people's stories in this space.

Students sitting outside campus accommodation

What is your lecturer doing over summer: Res School

While many of us are spending our holidays at the beach, overseas or anywhere but uni, our lecturers are still prepping classes and events for Residential School. Res School is an opportunity for CSU online students to meet their lecturers and...

What is your lecturer doing over summer: travel

Travelling and studying at the same time represents an ideal world for most. For CSU students studying Introduction to Islamic Art and Design, it will become a reality these summer holidays. Dr Sam Bowker, lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture...

Group of happy students on campus

Mental health over the holiday season

It’s holiday time which means no more reason to stress or feel anxious right? Not exactly. Just because exams are over doesn’t mean we should stop looking after ourselves. The only person who can take care of your mental health is you. It’s...

Piggy bank

Budgeting tips for the holidays

Wouldn’t it be nice if the holidays came free? No expensive plane tickets, no $80 per Christmas present for everyone in the family, and no limits on food or fun… one can only dream. So, how can we survive the summer break without being completely...

young professional looking slightly nervous

Inside the simulated assessment centre + top tips

Have you been asked to come into an assessment centre? First of all, congratulations! Secondly, are you prepared for what you’re going into? Being invited to an assessment centre can be part of the job application process, usually at the graduate...

two women having a conversation, one taking notes

What are interactive interview skills?

Everything always seems to go wrong at an interview – sweaty palms, stumbling words and, too often, a mind blank. So how do we avoid it? It’s all about how you interact with the employer. Prepare: You could lose before you even begin the interview...

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