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What is your lecturer doing over summer: travel

What is your lecturer doing over summer: travel

Travelling and studying at the same time represents an ideal world for most. For CSU students studying Introduction to Islamic Art and Design, it will become a reality these summer holidays.

Dr Sam Bowker, lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture, will accompany his students to Malaysia for two weeks to experience first-hand the culture and history of Islamic art.

They will visit the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, the world’s largest Islamic art collections, with behind-the-scenes access to the operations of the Museum, such as preservation and exhibiting, and be able to engage in conference programs with internationally known-academics.

To blend contemporary and historical art culture, they will also venture through Penang and Malacca, an ancient city of 1,000 years.

Dr Bowker says this trip is valuable to students because of the cultural resources and innovative directions unique to Malaysia.

It is a chance to introduce them to new experiences and be exposed to the cultural diversity between Malaysia and Australia.

Kuala Lumpur and the ancient cities will immerse the students in Islamic culture and history deeper than their texts and the few opportunities that exist in Australia.

CSU Global trips help students connect classes to real case studies. Dr Bowker enjoys the energy and excitement when accompanying students and learns from them as they see things differently.

He has lived there for many years and was raised in the Middle East, but with every CSU Global trip there is a sense of surprise from the students’ unexpected experiences!

Islamic Art is a subject unique to CSU and Dr Bowker’s passion to teach it is inspired by his love for history and the way it shows how the world has come to be what it is.

One of Dr Bowker’s favourite things from Malaysia is Teh Tarik – a sweet, hot Malaysian tea that is poured from a great height!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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