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My experience at the 2023 Student Leader Symposium

My experience at the 2023 Student Leader Symposium


Bronte Jolly recently attended the 2023 Student Leader Symposium and shares her key takeaways from the experience!

Written by Bronte Jolly

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a student leader training program in Port Macquarie.

Over the course of two days, the symposium covered a wide range of leadership topics and provided a valuable platform for networking with students from other Student Representative Councils (SRCs) and various staff members.

Bronte meeting new students at Port Macquarie

I’m eager to put the knowledge and abilities I was fortunate enough to acquire into practice in order to improve as a leader and assist in running the SRC.  

These aptitudes, no doubt, will continue with me into my future.

The training program was extremely comprehensive, however, two sessions in particular stood out to me: the financial section and the insightful talk on events and risk management.

These sessions not only expanded my knowledge in these crucial areas, but also sparked a deeper passion within me to make a positive impact within the student community.

One of the highlights of the program was the question and answer session with a panel that included the university’s Vice Chancellor!

It was fascinating to see that all campuses faced similar issues and we were grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts.

The panel answered each question honestly and provided clarity on various student issues.

One major takeaway for me from the event was the importance of focusing on the “why” behind our decisions.

Moving forward, we will prioritise understanding the purpose behind every event or activity we organise, followed by determining the best way to improve campus life for our fellow students.

Aside from the enriching training sessions, we also had the chance to explore the stunning Port Macquarie Campus and Town.

Beach volleyball at Port Macquarie

Through enjoyable dinners, we had the opportunity to build deeper connections with our peers and university staff, further enhancing the overall experience. 

These networks will prove valuable as we continue our journey on the Charles Sturt University SRC.

Overall, attending the Student Leader Symposium has left me feeling very inspired.

The experience has instilled within me a newfound level of excitement and energy for the year ahead at the Orange Campus as a member of the SRC.

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