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Secrets from Student Central: Exam Edition

Secrets from Student Central: Exam Edition


”It is ideal that you sit your exams in a quiet space with a strong Internet connection.” Get all the best exam advice from inside the walls of Student Central!

Written by Mina Subesa

There are two types of people during exams, those who are prepared, and those who are not.

Hopefully you wouldn’t be the latter this coming exam period. 

It can be an exciting day for some as it is a sign that you are getting to the end of your session, and you can finally enjoy the holiday that you deserve.

But it can also be a nightmare when unexpected technical issues arise. *knock on wood*

In this blog, I will try to answer the common questions asked from Student Central during exam period.

Hopefully, this will save you the mini panic attack just in case…

Exam panic error.

Now firstly, how do we prepare for our exams?

There are resources already made available to students, a good place to visit is the Exams tab in your Student Portal.

This can be located by clicking the following from your Student Portal home page:

  1. My Course (left-hand side)
  2. Exams
Student Portal page

This page will give you information on how to prepare for exams, what type of exams are there and how to sit them, how to access our support services to help you prepare, and what to do in case you missed an exam. 

My exam timetables clash, what should I do?

For any issues relating to your timetable, you should let the Exams team know via or call 6338 6222 (this is not the exam hotline).

How do supervised exams work?

A supervised online exam is where your exam session is supervised by a Charles Sturt University staff member through the Zoom app.

Cameras and mics are usually turned on throughout your exam so it is suggested to find a quiet space for you to sit the test.

Where’s an ideal place to sit my online exams?

As said earlier, it is ideal that you sit your exams in a quiet space with a strong Internet connection. 

  • If you live off-campus and find that your accommodation ticks all the boxes, then doing it there might be the best.
  • If you prefer to take your exams in the Campus Library, you might have to consider booking a study room, as you must be in a room or space by yourself. This is not only for academic integrity but also better for you as you are less likely to be distracted while sitting your exam. A strong internet connection is also guaranteed in the Library. A study room can be booked 30 days in advance for up to 4 hours a day.
  • If you live on-campus and would prefer to do your exams in your dorm. I would suggest that you pop a message in your dorm group chat and tell them about your exam schedule.

If unavoidable circumstances happen during your supervised online exam such as someone knocked at the door or a young child or animal required immediate attention, you must report this incident to the exams team.

Studying in the Library.

What do I do when I experience technical issues?

I would firstly suggest that you visit the Technical Exam Help page and even just skim through it the day before your exams.

This will potentially save you time from being on queue in the Exams Hotline, as the usual technical issues are addressed in this page.

You might be surprised that the issue you are facing is more common than you think.

If the above page cannot help, it’s time to call the exams hotline. This is only activated during exam periods, so if you called Student Central, the call options will be updated. 

You will have to dial 1800 275 278 and select option 0 (zero) for the exam hotline.

It is important to remember this call option to avoid getting mixed with students seeking non-exam-related assistance.

How can I overcome exam anxiety? 

Strategies to prepare for and sit exams can help make your study time more effective and give you confidence in your exams.

We have a range of online workshops offered regularly.

Select from the following workshops:

  • Sitting exams: Strategies and tips
  • Online exams
Mina & the Student Central Team.

Useful Links.

After you’ve looked at the workshops and downloadable guides, if you feel like you need more assistance with exam preparation, please make an appointment with an Academic Skills Adviser.

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