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Building your professional profile

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The Building your Professional Profile mentoring program will assist you to build your peer and professional networks, develop your employability skills and grow as a professional! 

This valuable, 90 day mentoring program allows you to sign up us a mentor/mentee and match with a mentor/mentee at any point in the program, and Immediately after the first program finishes, you will be able to match with another mentoring buddy! 

To be eligible to become a mentor you must be in your second year or above. Mentors will receive access to specialised professional development and skills masterclasses. Additionally. all ongoing students can sign up as a mentee whether you’re studying online or on campus! 

Sign up as a mentor, mentee or both and: 

  • Build your employability and leadership skills 
  • Explore new opportunities to gain experience and build your career path 
  • Create peer and professional connections 
  • Start to navigate the challenges of modern work 

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