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Moving through March: Part 2

Moving through March: Part 2


We’re on the homestretch!

Well, we’re coming around the final bend and onto the homestretch for the Charles Sturt ‘Moving through March’ challenge. Hopefully you are on the way to reaching your MOVEs goals and have started to set some healthy habits.

Last week we introduced you to the Charles Sturt Uni Moves app and the current challenge. Today we will check in with our challenge volunteer, Alicia, to see how her March is shaping up. We’ll also review some of the on-demand classes available to you all year round via Charles Sturt Uni Moves.

Progress update

The second week saw Alicia limited in her class participation due to an unrelated injury. Unfortunately she missed some of her ‘MOVEs’ targets (I’m assured that she is all better now, thankfully!). Since then, she has been working on her own home-based routine which she tracks with her activity tracker. This activity is automatically synced to the app and converts the activity into ‘MOVEs’. Whatever she is doing is clearly working as she is steadily climbing the ‘Moving through March’ leader board. Keep up the good work, Alicia!

As for my ‘MOVEs’ experience, I’m fortunate that my work as a personal trainer keeps me active for many parts of the day. Where I need to be mindful is likely similar to many of you, in that sitting for extended periods of time while studying is bad for our health (see last week’s article if you missed it). However, in the spirit of the challenge, I too have worked on increasing my daily ‘MOVEs’ and decided to sample some of the on-demand classes.

On demand classes to suit your lifestyle 

My training typically involves strength and resistance training, plus weekly yoga and a run. While I teach weekly group HIIT (High intensity interval training) classes, I rarely participate during the class myself. I do know just how hard my participants work, so it was time to put myself on the line and give the ‘HIIT Bodyweight Blast’ a go. You can find the class in the ‘On Demand Classes’ section of the Uni Moves app.

So, what’s the class like?

The class starts with a short warm-up before moving into short intervals of three exercises. Ashley (our trainer for this class) brings some humour to the delivery, and always encourages you to keep going. It almost feels like she is in the room with you.

Although the class is designed to be high intensity, there are regressions and progressions shown for most exercises, so even if it’s your first time attempting the class you have some options so you can work within your limits. The combination of movements works well, and even as an advanced exerciser by 15 minutes into the workout I had worked up a good sweat!

The 30-minute class seems to move fast, and before you know it you are cooling off and stretching – a really important finish to all workouts. If you are limited with space and have no access to equipment, you could complete this workout quite reasonably in your lounge room or in a nice spot outside. I completed mine in a small room in the gym with nothing more than a mat.

HIIT classes are not for the faint-hearted and if you have never done high-intensity or interval training before, I would recommend that you start with one of the 15-minute options that are available while you build up your fitness.

Remember to check with your medical or health professional before commencing any new exercise program, always stay hydrated, and have fun!

Article written by Stephen Hale-Worrall, studying a Diploma of Exercise Studies.

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