The Student Voice Survey: Play your part to improve student experience

After its successful launch in 2020, the Student Voice Survey is back for 2021!

What does this mean for students? It means we’ll be able to provide feedback on all non-teaching aspects of our uni experience and the support services we can access.

What you say will help shape your student experience

The university wants to understand our experiences so they know what’s going well, and where there’s room for improvement.

All student feedback is combined and priority areas are identified to develop recommendations to the university’s leadership teams.

Feedback obtained from the 2020 survey has already formed the basis of a number of recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Team.

Everyone will be invited, so check your email for your chance to participate

Everyone will get the chance to participate in this Survey in 2021. There will be eight random samples of students who will be emailed the survey throughout the year. So if you’re not in the current Survey round, don’t worry – you won’t miss out!

Everyone’s feedback is greatly valued, that’s why there will be a draw each quarter of the year for a $250 gift card. Check the Survey’s Terms and Conditions to learn more about how the competition works.

Ryan was the lucky winner of the $250 gift card earlier this year.

“I’ll be using the voucher to take my wife, son and 2 dogs away for a weekend.”

The survey is also an outlet for students to make their voice heard and share their thoughts on how to improve their own student experience.

“Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback that will help shape Charles Sturt. It’s great to see students getting the opportunity to share thoughts in a way that can lead to positive outcomes.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to have your say in the 2021 Student Voice Survey. Check out the survey rounds below and keep an eye out on your inbox.

2021 Survey Rounds

Survey roundSurvey open dateSurvey closing date
Survey round 1Monday 15 March 2021Sunday 21 March 2021
Survey round 2Monday 26 April 2021Sunday 2 May 2021
Survey round 3Monday 24 May 2021Sunday 30 May 2021
Survey round 4Monday 18 July 2021Sunday 25 July 2021
Survey round 5Monday 6 September 2021Sunday 12 September
Survey round 6Monday 27 September 2021Sunday 3 October 2021
Survey round 7Monday 22 November 2021Sunday 28 November 2021
Survey round 8Monday 24 January 2022Sunday 30 January 2022

Have questions? Check out the following Student Voice Survey FAQs.