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How to survive sitting at a desk for hours

How to survive sitting at a desk for hours

As some student learning is still online at Charles Sturt due to COVID-19, it is important to make sure that you have the tips to help you get through those long days at your desk.

Set up a good study space:

Having a good study space sets up your study mood. This makes the set up so important. Clear a desk or a space that will be designated just for uni work. Some people like to have candles, plants or calendars to help make the space feel comfortable yet productive.

Some helpful steps to create a productive study space are:

  1. Remove all distractions
  2. Have easy access to everything you need before you start
  3. Experiment with lighting
  4. Have enough space for everything you need

A good chair is key:

It is so important that you have a comfortable chair while you are studying. A chair with good support makes all the difference in preventing body strains and takes one worry away from study.

You can use a chair from your kitchen or your room but preferably, use an office-style chair which you can get at a reasonable price from stores such as Officeworks.

Schedule lots of breaks:

It is important to get up from your desk and move around at least every hour. Get a change of scenery; go for a walk outside; a walk around the house; just stretch your legs for around ten minutes. It will make a world of difference. Not only will you feel better and not as stiff, but will also make the time you spend at your desk more productive.

Make sure you eat and drink!

It is also really crucial that you keep eating and drinking lots of water while you are studying. Although some may ‘binge’ eat, other people tend to either forget to eat or don’t feel like eating or drinking at all while studying. Make sure to keep a bottle or glass of water on your desk and when you schedule breaks, make sure to make time for snacks and meals.

Change up your study space:

Because the only place we can really study at the moment is at home, some people find having one spot for study isn’t the best thing. Sometimes a change of scenery is the solution for procrastination. If possible, you can try and alternate study spots in different places around the house or outside to help you focus.

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