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How to land the perfect summer job

How to land the perfect summer job

by Lucy Pirrie

Finishing the uni year and moving back home can feel somewhat daunting. Trying to keep an income, whilst also enjoying summer and reuniting with family and friends can seem quite the task.

Follow this guide to find yourself the perfect summer job and earn the money to do the things you love!

1. Revise your resume

The Earn as You Learn scheme at Charles Sturt runs a number of workshops over the terms, equipping you with the skills you need to reach local employers and get your dream job.

Get in touch with an Earn as You Learn coordinator to perfect your resume and cover letters, to boost your job-scoring chances!

2. Get your references ready

Before you start applying for summer jobs, get a list of three references ready to give to interviewers. A reference from an employer who you have worked for recently is advantageous, as well as personal references from teachers, professors or academic advisors or volunteer leaders.

This will give your future employer reassurance and allow them to trust that you are capable to do the job.

3. What type of summer job you want?

Before you apply for a summer job, it’s a good idea to take some time to decide what you want to do.

Not only will you end up with a summer job that you enjoy; you’ll also save time job searching because you can target your search to focus on the jobs that are a good match for your interests.

A good idea is even to consider interning at a museum, or a zoo, or an advertising agency – or any organisation matched to your career aspirations.

There are lots of options for summer jobs, so the first step is to decide what type of summer job you want.

4. Network

Networking is the best way to land your dream summer job. Talk to the people around you – have a chat with your neighbour, talk to teachers, former employers or friends.

You never know what job might pop up and most people are willing to provide assistance and job leads.

5. Search for summer jobs online

To find your perfect summer job, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time it takes to find the right one.

Sit yourself down and dedicate time to scroll through a number of jobs on different websites. Try or and narrow your search to ‘casual jobs’, to find one that is flexible and works around your social life and weekly schedule.

6. Smash that interview

Now that you have the interview and are well on your way to landing your dream summer job, make sure you are well prepared.

  • Make sure you dress appropriately – look the part.
  • Research the position you are going for. You will look great if you know your stuff
  • And most importantly, be honest, be your 100 per cent self and show your passion and enthusiasm

Make the employers want you, not just that you want the job.

Now good luck and get job-hunting!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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