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Natural Sunburn Treatments

Natural Sunburn Treatments

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Port Macquarie students taking part in sand bear building (Town Beach)

With all your summer holiday shenanigans, you’re sure to be sporting the singlet tan look by the start of first semester 2020.

However, with than bronzed tan might come some uncomfortable burnt skin. Be sure to avoid getting sunburnt by applying sunscreen or even wearing long sleeved clothing made of light material, such as cotton.

However should the sun still find a way, here are some natural remedies to relieve you.

Aloe Vera

Everyone knows this one as its been in the market for years. What people don’t know is that the pure aloe vera, the clear gel, works faster and is much better for your skin that the ones that are packaged as a soothing sunburn gel.

Not to mention the pure aloe vera has less chemicals in it and is better for the environment.

Simply rub it in a thick layer over your skin and let it soak in. Do this repeatedly all through the day, depending on the level of your burn and wash off at night in a cold shower.

You’ll be feeling a thousand times better in the morning guaranteed! Not to mention your complexion, which will have less of a tomato like vibe.

Witch Hazel

Known to be a natural anti-inflammatory, this cooling solution is excellent for clearing acne, dry skin and sunburn.

Put a bottle of it in the fridge for an hour and soak a washcloth in it. Place the washcloth on your sunburn and feel the instant cooling relief from the itch and the heat.


Soak a washcloth in a bowl of cold milk and place on the affected area. It will create a protein layer over your skin which will reduce heat from the burn.

Baking Soda

This white powder can be used as a paste or in a bath. Simply dissolve 1-2 cups of baking soda in a lukewarm bath and soak the affected area. It will relieve the itching.

It is always better to use natural substances to help with sunburn as chemicals and additives can irritate the area even more. If you leave the burn to heal on its own, you may have scarring and lasting blemishes. 

I hope that with the help of these natural treatments, your summer days be long and full of sunshine! 

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