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Things employers look for when hiring new grads

Things employers look for when hiring new grads

The time has finally come for you to say goodbye to the glorious uni days and enter the real world…

Here are ten things employers look for when hiring new grads:

1. Team player

A crucial thing employers look for is the ability to problem-solve and work in a team.

With many industries, from medical to communications, involving collaboration and teamwork, employers will choose recent graduates who take initiative and are able to communicate with all walks of life.

2. Interpersonal skills

These are undeniably going to place you high above any applicants you are going against.

Exercise these skills in interviews – this is your chance to show the employer your personality and the opportunity to win them over.

3. Time management and organisation

These are huge factors that impact the efficiency with which tasks are completed, so employers look for graduates who have self-awareness, are able to prioritise tasks and complete them within a time frame.

Dis-organisation results in lost time and potentially lost business for the employer.

University has been practical experience of the real world, with the constant assignments and busy social life demanding organisation, so use this experience for your future profession.

4. Enthusiasm

This is something that gets overlooked when applying for jobs.

Employers want to sense your passion and enthusiasm in starting a new job and if they sense you are disinterested or not that phased, it will not be promising for you.

Show employers that you care and that this is something you really want.

5. Ask questions

Show that you have done your research. If you are applying for a job in a certain business, research their mission, what they do and make sure you are on the same page with their brand.

This will give the employer the understanding that you would fit in well with their team and give you a better chance of landing the job.

6. Experience and internships

Especially for creative industries such as advertising or journalism, experience triumphs everything.

To show an employer that you have been disciplined and motivated enough to complete a three month internship with a notable company, is to show them that you will give this job your best efforts and that you have an idea of what you’re doing.

7. Persistence and drive

Employers want graduates who persevere in every aspect of their studies, who do not crumble under pressure.

This will give them confidence that jobs will be completed successfully and without any difficulties.

8. Reliable

Employers need to know that the person they are employing is going to show up on time and not disappoint their work colleagues.

9. Be yourself and be genuine

Honesty is the best policy and employers can sense when individuals are dishonest in nature or not being themselves.

Simply show these people who you are and flaunt your personality, to make yourself irresistible and make them see how much you would asset their business.

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