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Why you should challenge yourself in every subject

Why you should challenge yourself in every subject

Here are four reasons for why you should challenge yourself to do your best throughout your degree.

Job opportunities.

The reason most of us enter university, is also a major reason for aiming to do your absolute best. Often, the first impression a hiring manager will have of you will be any prior achievements and experiences on your resume.

High grades can prove to an employer just how hard you worked, which says a lot about your work ethic. Though, it’s not just about good grades.

Making the most of internship and work experience opportunities also showcases your motivations and drive to succeed, which is a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Any scholarship could attract hundreds of applicants but your application needs to stand out.

While scholarship criteria vary, maintaining good grades opens up more opportunities for extra financial help.

Also, many scholarships look at student applications based on their previous academic results, so striving to achieve your best during your studies can literally pay off.

Expand your field.

Having worked super hard through your Bachelor degree, you may be eligible to study Honours or Masters in your field.

Returning to study after your undergraduate degree can open many more career and learning opportunities. It could even work to fast track your career in the long run!

Personal achievement.

Be proud of yourself! The sense of achievement that comes from seeing the results of all your hard work is the best motivator there is.

Charles Sturt University also has ways to mark these achievements in paper, such as the Executive Dean’s Awards for Academic Excellence, open to those who achieve consistently good marks.

But even without such awards, knowing you tried your hardest to expand your knowledge and understanding of your field is all the reward you’ll need. 

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