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How to stretch your student budget

How to stretch your student budget

Studying at uni can be a struggle on the old wallet, especially when textbooks, food and living expenses start to add up.

Here’s how you can make every dollar count!

Your student card

While your Charles Sturt student card can get you into buildings and classrooms, it’s also a handy asset for your budget.

Make the most of cheap concession prices by flashing your student card at places like the cinemas, bowling, live shows and public transport.

Showing that you are a student can also help you organise fee-free bank accounts and cheaper phone plans.

Your campus perks

Access to gyms and pools can get expensive, so use the free gym, exercise facilities and pool on-campus!

Also save money when you want to get a bite to eat with campus food. For example, the Wagga campus has bar meals starting at $10, while the Food Bowl and Rafters Bar in Bathurst have an affordable variety of options.

Your textbook discount

Grab your textbooks digitally at 15% off through! Simply use the code charlessturtcp to purchase the eBooks you need for next session.

Download the UniDays app for more great discounts.

Your shopping hacks

Great budgeting is a valuable skill and includes simple things like planning when and what to buy. Looking through catalogues when buying groceries, as well as buying in bulk can save you a few dollars.

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